Portuguese Model 1904 Carbine - S/N 7316

Portuguese Model 1904 Carbine - S/N 7316

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German Captured Portuguese Model 1904 Carbine – S/N 9608.

Designed in 1904 by José Alberto Vergueiro the Portuguese Mauser was the Model 98 rifle with its own bolt system.

The M1904 served in the Portuguese army until 1939 where it was replaced by the German K98 rifle.

The M1904 saw extensive use by the Brazilian federal police and around 25,000 rifles were also sent to many African countries where the Lee Enfield rifles were in short supply.

Although the M1904 was replaced in 1939, It is still being used in many third world countries today.

This item is in good condition for its age only showing very few storage marks on the woodwork.

Complimented with a Smooth, Dry Firing Action.

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