Colt 1911 National Match Pistol

Colt 1911 National Match Pistol

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Colt 1911 National Match Pistol.

The National Match series of colts started in 1919 and they were made from Colt government models.

The first National Matches were in 1919 yet the modifications to these pistols didn’t arrive until 1920.

The first official National Colt M1911 from the factory didn’t arrive until 1932, this was during the national games. It had a smooth slide and then was soon made available with a Stevens adjustable rear sight. Production began to slow before America's entry into the war and then was discontinued in 1938. Production didn’t restart until 1957.

The National Match and Gold National Match pistols (post 1957) were some of the most accurate pistols produced by American armourers.

This item has a beautiful blued finish and still has its national match original grips.

Complete with a Smooth, Dry Firing Action.

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