Beautiful SRG Marked BSA SMLE With Cut Off & Sling

Beautiful SRG Marked BSA SMLE With Cut Off & Sling

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Beautiful SRG Marked BSA SMLE with Cut Off & Sling.

The first SMLE's were produced in 1904 by Lee Enfield.

The SMLE (Short, Magazined, Lee-Enfield) was considerably shorter than the Long Lee and many gunsmiths at the time, amongst others, were concerned with the reliability of a shortened rifle firing a powerful cartridge. The sheer amount of these rifles that were produced tell us that it wasn't a huge problem.

This item is a Mk III SMLE with an original cut off plate. The rifle has been finished to a good quality however over time has been sold to various different governments. Yet, still in good condition.

Complimented with a Tough, Dry Firing Action.

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