Immaculate 1895 Dated Carcano Model 1891

Immaculate 1895 Dated Carcano Model 1891

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Immaculate 1895 Dated Carcano Model 1891.

Introduced in 1891, this rifle was chambered for the rimless 6.5×52mm Carcano cartridge. One of the first small calibre smokeless military cartridges to be used by a major military power.

The M1891 was introduced due to Italy reforming as a kingdom after various conflicts with Austria and others. They knew they needed to update their arsenal and catch up to various other military powers.  Salvatore Carcano was the chief technician and his design successfully replaced the Vertelli and the Carcano range of rifles went on to be produced from 1892-1945.

This Carcano is a rare production by Torre Annunziata, a city located near Naples, they only produced this rifles for 7 years (1893-1900) and around 150,000 of these rifles were produced.

Proudly dated 1895 on the receiver and beautifully marked with other manufacturers of components, this rifle is a rare piece of World War One Italian history.

Complimented with a Sharp, Dry Firing Action.

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