Incredible Condition 1938 Dated MG34 Lafette

Incredible Condition 1938 Dated MG34 Lafette

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Incredible Condition 1938 Dated MG34 Lafette.

This is a second year production of the MG34 Lafette produced by the original manufactures of the Lafette series, back in 1936, Brandenburger Fahrrad und Motorradwerk, Excelsior. 

1938 Lafettes can be identified in many ways not just through the date on the upper of the Lafette. With the evolution of technology and the demand for Lafettes pieces were beginning to be welded and milled instead of being stamped and bolted in place. These included; rear weapon mounts, forward weapon mounts, the hollow catch with its crossbar, rear buffer and a support bracket was also welded in place to give the upper and lower strength. Each of these small additions allowed the 1938 ‘Model’ to be strengthened and helping it to be in a position to be mass produced.

This Lafette isn’t matching numbers however the upper and lower are same year production. 

A very interesting observation is the 5 layers of paint this Lafette sports. It could have well seen action on almost every continent of the war. The first layer easily seen is the red oxide primer used by the Germans. The next is that of a tan finish perhaps from the African front this is then followed by a dark green finish perhaps updated for forest warfare? However, it is known that these two colours have been sprayed together to give a 2-tone finish. Between the tan and the green is a field grey finish perhaps a 3 tone finish was used? Or 3 separate colours. The final colour is a light grey colour. These indicate a very rough life and allows the appreciative collectors imagination to run wild. 

This item is in fantastic condition despite its suggested life the pads and all other moving parts are too in great condition. After 1940 a spent case deflector was also welded onto this Lefette which was not uncommon for earlier Leffettes.

A fine example to add to any collection with or without an MG34.

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