Very Rare 1913 Dated .455 Webley Mk1 Auto

Very Rare 1913 Dated .455 Webley Mk1 Auto

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Very Rare Great Condition 1913 Dated .455 Webley Mk1 Auto.

The Mk1 was offically adopted in 1913 by the Royal Navy for use with them and the Royal Marines. The Mk1 saw extensive service in the first world war it was deemed to be reliable and accurate amongst other qualities. However its known that the navy only recieved around 3000 of these pistols and fewer were private purchased.

The Webley Mk1 Auto was chambered in powerful .455 a large semi-rimmed cartridge.

This particular example is a private purchase, first year production Dated 1913 proudly on the left hand hand of the reciever which can be seen in the photograph. 

This Item is in wonderful condition for its age, sporting only few scratches and other storage marks.

More Photos Available On Request.

​EU/UK Spec.

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