Very Rare ERMA EMP – S/N 7954

Very Rare ERMA EMP – S/N 7954

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Near Mint Very Rare ERMA EMP.

In 1939 ERMA- Werke bought the rights to the VMP1930 from Heinrich Vollmer and began to produce and develop it under the name ERMA EMP.

The ERMA EMP is said to be the VMP1930 with a perforated heat shield around the barrel as per customer requests.

It is known that around 10,000 of these examples were produced but some argue that as many as 20,000 were produced still too few numbers to be accepted by the Reichswehr. That and the treaty of Versailles stopped German armed forces from having a sub machine gun.

Many notable similarities of this and previous German submachine guns is the physical and technical similarities of the MP18.

This example has mint woodwork and only light frosting on the the reciever. The heat shield has very minor damage and in overall good condition.

An unusual and rare piece of Second War history.

EU/UK Spec.

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