1918 Dated German WW1 MG08- UK DEAC - Reserved IG

1918 Dated German WW1 MG08- UK DEAC - Reserved IG

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This is a fantastic condition example of the infamous MG08 manufactured by DWM and dated 1918. The MG08 or Maschinengewehr 08 was the most feared weapon of WW1. Nicknamed the Devils Paintbrush, the MG08 served as the standard Heavy Machine Gun for the German Army though WW1. Its service also carried out through WW2 as a HMG for many German Infantry divisions although by late WW2 it was only utilised as fortress guns. The MG08 was unsurprisingly adopted in 1908 after some fundamental changes were made to its predecessor, the MG01. As standard the MG08 used 250 round cloth belts, very similar in appearance to the Vickers cloth belts, but chambered in 7.92. It utilised the same type of Water cooling system as the Vickers as well although its fire rate was slightly higher, firing at between 500 and 600 rounds per minute. A fasinating piece of history. This really is a fantastic example with almost all matching numbers. Deactivated with fully working action. Complete with deactivation certificate.

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