Russian AK74SU

Russian AK74SU

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This is a good condition Soviet AK74su. The AK74su is also known as the AKS-74u, AKSU74, AK-74Su and AKS-74(U). The AK74su is a variant of the AK-74 assault rifle. The only difference is the barrel length and the flash hider instead of a mussel brake. The AS74su has a far shorted barrel length of only approx. 20cm as apposed to the 41.5cm barrel of the standard rifle. This tiny assault rifle is only approx. 49cms with its Metal frame stock in the folded position, and 73cms when fully extended. These examples deactivated to new specification with some moving parts. Complete with deactivation certificate. Photo is a representative example and one of a quantity will be received.  EU/UK DEAC


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