WW2 Russian PPsh41 - More On The Way

WW2 Russian PPsh41 - More On The Way

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Deactivated New Spec Russian PPsH41. The PPsh-41 was first produced in small numbers in late 1941 hence its name and saw full wartime production with the Russians and even went into post war production with the Chinese. It is one of the most iconic sub machine guns of WWII along with the Along with the German MP40 and British Sten. It has a durable, low maintenance design and was supplied as standard with a large capacity drum magazine due to its high rate of fire. It is noted that if the PPsh41 was captured it was often re- used by the capturer as it proved more reliable than most SMG of the time. The Germans particular liked the design and even produced a converter for the PPsh41 so the standard issue German MP40 magazine could be used. Deactivated with some moving parts. Complete with deactivation certificate. Photo is a representative example and one of a quantity will be received. EU/UK DEAC

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