IMI Galil

IMI Galil

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This is an original IMI Galil Assault Rifle chambered in 5.56 Nato. 

The Galil was designed in the 1960s by Yisrael Galil and Yaacov Lior. It finally started production in 1972 and is still in production today. The Galil uses an operating system that is very similar to the AK47. One main similarity is that of its modified gas diversion system. This system reduces the recoil of the rifle making it easier and more comfortable to fire especially when using fully automatic mode. 

The Galil has been manufactured in 2 different calibers. The standard is 5.56 but it is also produced in 7.62 for heavier firepower. There are currently 4 configurations of the Galil. The standard rifle, a carbine named the SAR, a compact PDW named the MAR and finally a bipod equipped LMG version known as the ARM. 

The Galil series of weapons is in use with military and police forces in over 25 countries.

New specification with some moving parts. 

Complete with a deactivation certificate. 

Photo is a representative example and one of a quantity will be received.


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