Rare Antique French Galand Pistol.

Rare Antique French Galand Pistol.

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This is an immaculate example of a beautifully intricate pistol.  This is a French Galand pistol chambered in 12mm Perrin Thin Rim (not obsolete). The round this pistol uses it quite fascinating. From the research we have done it appears the round was developed with the gun itself. It is knows as a reloadable cartridge. This was due to its unique bullet design. The solid lead bullet head was threaded, as was the case. This allowed for the user to literally screw the head into the case allowing for easy and quick bullet seating.  The molding tool for the head also came equip with a post for removing the primer. This deactivated example is in fully working order with a good action and fantastic finish to both the metal work and the grips. The self-extracting system of the Galand was somewhat copied/modeled off by Enfield for their MK1 and Mk2 Self extracting pistol that was in service between 1880 and 1911. This Galand pistol has a manufactures signature to the top of the barrel. J J Becht, ARQr Du Roi translated to Kings Armorer. Perhaps this pistol was intended for royal guard use? Deactivated and complete with EU/UK deact certificate.

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