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For any information on the below guns please contact Duncan Lawton on 01630620226 or email  

Or alternatively Contact MJLmilitaria direct and we can forward your enquiry’s


CCS have been selling Shotgun Cartridges, Clays, Clay traps and Country Clothing for many years as well as serving as a Post Office and Petrol Station. They are also a Registered Firearms Dealer and have been successful in dealing with Shotguns, Rifles, Air Rifles, Air Pistols, Rifle Ammunition and much more. CCS and MJLmilitaria run in conjunction with each other so contact details are the same.


Certain items will not be able to be ordered online but if necessary we can arrange Collection/Delivery.

Can only be sold to persons with appropriate license

Purchase to be made in person or via your local RFD 

Based In Staffordshire.


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Section 1 – Extremely Rare 1922 SMLE No.1 Mk5

Product no.: 2812

£2,995.00 *

Section 1 - .22 Vetterli Carbine

Product no.: 2811

£695.00 *

Section 1 – Immaculate Peruvian Mauser

Product no.: 2810

£495.00 *

Section 1 – Model 1889/36 Belgian Mauser

Product no.: 2809

£695.00 *

Section 1 – Peruvian G98 Type Mauser Rifle

Product no.: 2806

£399.00 *

Section 1 -  WW1 German 1918 Dated G98

Product no.: 2803

£895.00 *

Section 1 -  1911 Dated SMLE

Product no.: 2801

£595.00 *
Plus Postage
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