We Have A Huge Amount Of General Miscellaneous Militaria That We Just Dont Have Time To List On Our Website.

If You Are Looking For anything Inparticular Please Let Us Know As There Is A Good Chance That We May Have What Your Looking For.


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Product no.: 2383

No.4T Transit Box

More photos available on request

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Product no.: 1913

This is a beautiful example of a WW2 German MG42 Lafette. This example is a rare variant. It is a MG34 lafette that has been converted for a MG42. Due to this it bares the earlier date of 1940. There are many WaA stamps on the main parts. Professionally repainted at sometime to a dull German Multi Tan Camo. More photos available on request. 

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Product no.: 1673

This is an immaculate condition example of a WW1 German Sniper Body Armour. 

Also used by Machine gunners. 

100% Original and complete. NO Damage. All straps and padding original and intact. 

More photos available at request

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Product no.: 1179
WW1 1917 dated Brass Artillery Theodalite by W. Ottway & Co. This is a superb chance to own a very rare Director No5, Mark 1. It is serial numbered 581 and has broad arrow and war department markings. Retained in its mahogany carrying case with original instruction label, sun shade, spare lens, spare lens rubber eye piece, tripod strap and cleaning cloth, this instrument is in good working order and optically is very clear with intact lenses. All spirit levels, compasses and mirrors are intact, and it still has its original rubber eye-piece. All dial adjustments still function perfectly. It still has some original storage grease to keep it from rusting Comes complete with tripod and screw. Box, Tripod and Director sight all in very good condition
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Product no.: 1178
This is a good condition 1905 dated British artillery gun sight with its own original mahogany fitted case. It is made by W.Ottway & Co.and is a V.P. 5-15 pattern no.G328 32in long, scope 27in long.
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